Do You Need to Use Vacation Days for Workers Comp Doctors Appointments?

injured worker at home on the couch

Given the issues that follow a workplace injury, it’s important to have professional legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected.  Unfortunately, not all employers have clear and detailed policies and procedures regarding workers’ comp and what to do after one has been involved in a work-related injury. This can lead to confusion and … Read more

Updated: December 19, 2022

Machine Injury at Work

Machine shop workers are often exposed to loud environments with many moving parts, increasing their risk of being injured at work. Every year, workers across the country are injured while performing their work-related duties. Whether it’s a construction worker who falls from a ladder or a factory worker who is caught in machinery, these accidents … Read more

Updated: October 26, 2022

5 Things To Avoid Saying After a Work Injury

an injured worker is assisted by another employee

Here are seven things you should avoid saying if you want your workplace injury to be taken seriously and get the benefits you deserve. Being injured at work can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. You may be worried about your job, your finances, your health, and what the future holds.  However, it’s important to … Read more

Take These 3 Crucial Steps After a Work Injury

a worker helps another injured worker walk after an injury

To maximize your chances of receiving the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to, it is important to be familiar with these three crucial steps. From slippery floors to electrical equipment to shoulder injuries, there are several ways that employees can get injured on the job. In most cases, these injuries are minor and heal … Read more

Updated: August 15, 2022

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome After a Workplace Injury

complex regional pain syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can be extremely painful and debilitating, making it difficult or impossible for sufferers to return to work. If you’ve been struggling with ongoing pain after a workplace injury, you may be wondering what’s going on and if there’s anything that can be done about it. Unfortunately, you could be suffering from … Read more

Updated: July 19, 2022

4 Common Causes of Disfigurement at Work

depressed missouri worker

Workplace accidents are a common occurrence. And while most of these accidents are minor, others can lead to serious injuries – including disfigurement. How does an employee become disfigured at work? Here are four of the most common ways: 1. Getting Caught in Machinery Getting caught in machinery can cause serious disfigurement. The machinery can … Read more

Updated: June 15, 2022