Amputation From Work Accidents

Though work-related amputation injuries are life-altering, they aren’t life-ending.

There is a wide range of possible workplace injuries. On the less severe end are accidents like minor cuts and bruising. On the other side of the spectrum are damages like amputations, which describe people losing large portions of their bodies, the most common of them being hands and feet. Here is what to expect from this type of injury.

missouri worker with amputated leg

Extensive Medical Attention

Some work injuries only require a first aid kit. Others, like amputations, call for extensive treatment. This process will start with emergency care, as your life might be in danger. Once your condition is stable, you will move on to additional surgery, physical therapy, and many other medical treatments. It could be many months or even years before you get to the point of maximum medical improvement and cut down on your doctor visits.

Limited Physical Abilities

Of course, you will find that your physical abilities are limited after your injury. This result affects you in two ways. First is your personal life, as you may have to give up hobbies and other activities that once gave you joy. Second, you may lose some or all of your ability to do your old job, which will lead to a serious lifestyle shift.

Pain Management

Pain becomes a significant factor in injury cases that are as severe as amputations. You might find that you feel discomfort for many months after getting initial treatment. Fortunately, the medical industry has many options for you to keep these feelings at bay. Just make sure you are careful with extended painkiller usage, though, as these drugs can be very addictive.

Leaning on Your Loved Ones

As we explained above, an amputation will have a radical effect on both your personal and professional life. What might happen is your days become filled with boredom, lack of activity, and physical pain. While you can bounce back from these feelings, you could also fall into a rut of negative emotion. For this reason, it is important to lean on your loved ones for physical and emotional support after an amputation.

A Crucial Workers’ Compensation Case

Lastly, we have a procedural matter. Treating an injury as severe as an amputation is likely going to lead to massive medical costs and a decrease in your earning power. While these outcomes are unfavorable, you can get their financial impacts covered through the workers’ compensation system. Your best shot at doing so is speaking with a lawyer that specializes in the field.

Though amputations injuries are life-altering, they aren’t life-ending. Instead, you will still be able to build a bright future for you and your family. While much of doing so involves your mindset and approach, there are logistical portions of that process too. The most important of them are adhering to professional medical advice and hiring a workers compensation lawyer to help you to obtain benefits. Give us a call 24/7 for a FREE Case Evaluation :: (816) 399-3706