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Kansas City Workers Compensation Lawyer: Work Related Accidents Construction Site

Construction sites are breeding grounds for accidents due to the presence of a variety of hazards.

construction site accidents Kansas City

Every year, thousands of construction site accidents are reported, and while some of them are unavoidable accidents, others are preventable and occur because of a lack of safety precautions.

Slip and Fall Accidents

These are probably the most common of all construction site accidents and are a leading cause of worker injury. At a construction site, there are numerous objects and pieces of equipment that obstruct walkways and create an unorganized work atmosphere. It is not uncommon for workers to trip over materials and equipment and suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

Fall From Heights and Scaffolding Accidents

Construction workers often work from ladders and scaffolding. These construction workers are always at a risk of falling off and suffering injuries that are often fatal.


Construction workers often work around power lines and exposed wiring. If a worker comes in contact with exposed wiring, he or she can get electrocuted and suffer serious injuries as a result.

Falling Objects

At construction sites, it is common for material and other debris to fall from great heights. With construction workers walking around the site, it is always possible for objects to fall from heights and injure a worker. These types of injuries can be prevented by providing high-quality hard hats to workers.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many construction workers work in close proximity to moving traffic and even though there may be proper signs placed on the road, there may be drivers who pay no attention and hit a construction worker. Motor vehicles used to transport materials can cause accidents and injure workers severely.

Fires and Explosions

A construction site is often replete with materials, utilities, and exposed wiring that can cause a fire. Explosions and fires at construction sites often have serious consequences as it affects a large number of workers and the injuries may be serious and even fatal.

Malfunctioning Machinery

Construction work involves a variety of machinery, and even a small defect or malfunction of the machinery can cause a major accident.


Construction workers often work overtime for additional income. In the absence of hydration and proper rest, a worker may become fatigued and overexertion can lead to serious injuries.

Receiving Missouri Workers Compensation Benefits

It is unfortunate that a large percentage of construction site accidents are avoidable and preventable. Proper safety measures can prevent injuries and save many lives. If you have been injured in a construction site accident, you may be entitled to Missouri workers’ compensation benefits. Contact The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann at (816) 399-3706 to learn about your legal rights.

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Updated: July 8, 2021

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