Can I Quit My Job While I’m Receiving Workers Compensation?

Quitting your job may not be the best idea with an open claim, as it can affect the benefits you will receive.

Many Missouri workers know that workers’ compensation benefits also come with certain job protections. If you need to take time off work in order to recover, you can generally do it without fearing that you’ll be fired for it.

However, what if you want to quit your job and find something better, while still on worker’s comp. Will your benefits be affected?

Don’t Rush Into It

You can quit your job while on worker’s compensation, just like you can be fired while on the benefits, as long as your boss fires you for reasons other than the claim.

However, quitting your job may not be the best idea with an open claim, as it can affect the benefits you will receive.

For instance, a workers’ comp claim doesn’t just take care of medical expenses, it will also account for lost wages. If you quit, in the middle of your claim, these wages won’t necessarily be lost anymore, as you’re essentially saying you don’t want them anymore because you quit.

Other than that, your medical expenses should typically continue being covered even if you quit your job.

Unless You Find a New Job

If you find a new job, this doesn’t necessarily affect your claim directly, as you legally may still be eligable to receive benefits, but it may give the insurance company some ammo in fighting back.

Let’s say you’ve injured your leg and need physical therapy. You quit your job at a department store and have found new employment somewhere else. The insurance company may be very interested in what your new job involves, especially in trying to answer the following question:

Is your new job slowing down your recovery or affecting it in any way?

The insurance company is required to pay for your reasonable medical bills while on worker’s comp, but you are also responsible for making sure you follow the doctor’s orders. If a new place of employment puts too much strain on your health while on worker’s compensation, the insurance company could potentially refuse to cover your medical bills. They will argue that you are making your health situations worse, so why should they be liable for that?

What Are Your Options?

It’s generally best to wait while still receiving benefits from your worker’s compensation claim. Even if you are allowed to quit your job and receive them, it may make matters a bit more complicated, and the insurance company may take advantage of it.

Still, there may be a new job opportunity on the horizon you just can’t ignore. You should always consider discussing the specifics of your case with an experienced workers compensation attorney. They can represent your best interests, help you make wise decisions, and make sure you continue to receive the benefits you’re entitled to.

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