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Missouri Workers Comp Settlement Amounts

Over $50,000,000 actually collected for injured workers by attorney James M. Hoffmann.

Here some of the settlements and verdicts that have been obtained on behalf of injured employees by attorney James M. Hoffmann.

  • Workers Compensation trial award for a Missouri apartment maintenance worker who had felt back pain in March 2007 while rehabbing apartments for his employer. The employee later experienced a sharp pain in his lower back and numbness down his right leg while moving appliances in June 2007. The employee reported the back pain and a claim was filed for the March repetitive use injury and a separate claim was filed for the June acute injury, as the employer had changed workers comp insurance between the 2 injury dates. An MRI was obtained and showed a herniated disc at L5-S1. A micro-discectomy surgery was recommended by the authorized treating neurosurgeon, however, the insurance carrier for the June injury refused to authorize the surgery. The employee was sent for an independent medical exam where the doctor opined that the herniated disc was not caused by the June Injury. As a result, the insurance carrier cut off treatment. The employee retained the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann and the case was taken to trial, where the Judge ruled in favor of the employee and has ordered the insurance company for the June 2007 injury to provide medical care, surgery, and wage loss benefits for the employee.
  • Workers Compensation settlement for an employee who was a driver for a trucking company in  Missouri. He was 50 years old when he slipped and fell off the side of his truck due to icy conditions. The employee suffered a disc injury to his lower back. However, prior to this injury, he had undergone multiple non-work related injuries and surgeries to his neck and lower back. Through the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann, the truck driver obtained additional surgery on his lower back through the workers’ compensation carrier and social security disability benefits. Despite allegations by the employer and the workers’ compensation carrier that the employee’s inability to work was due to a combination of his on the job injury plus substantial pre-existing conditions of multiple neck and back surgeries, the workers’ compensation carrier paid over $230,000 to settle the claim.
  • Workers Compensation settlement for a 49-year-old roofing worker who fell from scaffolding and fractured his right foot left ankle and left knee. Surgical repair was required for all three fractures. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier offered $32,000 to resolve the injury claim and an additional $41,000 in future medical care. This offer was rejected. The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann obtained certified copies of all records and multiple reports from various experts regarding the extent of the employee’s injury and disability, plus future needs. Numerous experts were deposed regarding employee’s injury, permanency, and need to for future medical care. On the day of the trial setting, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, AIG, agreed to pay employee over $350,000 and provide future medical care for life, including surgery if necessary, for employee’s knee, ankle, and foot fractures.
  • Workers Compensation: Machinist felt shoulder pain while using pipe wrench to tighten bolts above shoulder level. Treatment obtained included rotator cuff surgery and therapy. Workers compensation insurer paid all medical bills and wage loss, or TTD.
  • Workers Compensation settlement for a warehouse worker who injured the right shoulder pulling on a pallet jack. Employer/Insurer initially provided physical therapy over a three week period and then refused further treatment. Experts were retained and deposed to establish causation and permanency. The client did not return to a physician until two years later. Client obtained surgery for right shoulder impingement, labral tear, and SLAP tear. The client eventually returned to work.
  • Workers compensation settlement for a repetitive use injury to a bus driver’s elbow. The client was a Bi-State bus driver with elbow pain. Initially, the client was diagnosed with epicondylitis. Surgery was required to remove bone spurs from the client’s elbow. Employer/Insurer denied the case. Experts were retained and deposed to establish causation and permanency. Case settled immediately prior to trial.

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