Unique Workplace Hazards Faced by Nursing Home Workers

Nursing home workers are at high risk for work-related injuries.

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It is not unusual for nursing home workers to suffer work-related injuries or get involved in accidents while at work. The high incidence of workplace injuries among nursing employees can be attributed to the physical nature of their work. It is widely-accepted that nursing home workers are a high-risk group as far as workplace injuries are concerned.

High Risk For Work-Related Injuries

For example, nursing home workers have the tendency to suffer from slip and fall accidents because of wet floors that have water or other substances spilled on it. The risk of these types of injuries is further increased by the fact that nurses tend to be in a rush to meet the demands of the patients and residents. Nursing home workers also have to move equipment and patients. The duties of a nursing home worker are quite unpredictable, and even routine tasks may become hazardous when a patient becomes agitated. The risk of exposure to diseases is also higher among nursing home workers compared to other workers.

Type of Work-Related Injuries

Nursing home workers have a higher tendency to suffer from repetitive trauma or repetitive stress injuries. These types of injuries normally occur when a part of the body is repeatedly used over a long period of time. For instance, an injury may result from constantly lifting heavy objects, as it would involve frequent reaching, bending, or turning. These injuries are not always noticed immediately and may show up only after a certain period of time. Although these injuries are complex and the insurance company may deny the claim, the work-related injury can be proven with the help of a good doctor and a qualified Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney.

Claiming Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Due to the high risk of injuries, nursing home employees often approach a Kansas City workers’ compensation lawyer to understand if they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for their injury. Nursing home employees may be compensated for their medical expenses as well as temporary disability payments if they are unable to work due to their injuries. Each case is treated differently as each situation leading up to the injury is unique.

Existing conditions or injuries may not qualify for workers’ compensation unless they have been exacerbated or worsened because of the work the employee has done. It is also possible for the insurance company to deny the claim, indicating that the injuries are not work-related. An experienced Kansas City workers’ compensation lawyer can provide the necessary advice on what to do in these circumstances.

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Updated: June 6, 2023

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