Six Misconceptions About Workers’ Compensation Laws

Workers’ compensation laws are complex and may be difficult to understand. Because of this, there are certain areas that are commonly misunderstood.

work injury claim form on white with clipping pathThere are numerous misconceptions about the obligations of employees when it comes to a workers’ compensation claim, including the coverage types and eligibility requirements. The following are six typical misconceptions about laws on workers’ compensation.

A Doctor’s Visit Is not Necessary for Minor Work-Related Injuries

Employees are required to seek treatment from a doctor for even minor work-related injuries. It will be difficult to prove medical issues or injuries if employees do not have their work-related injuries confirmed by a doctor, making it difficult to file a workers’ compensation claim.

New Employees Are Ineligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

All employees are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits the moment they start working. Employers commit workers’ compensation fraud if they tell their employees that they are ineligible for at least six months. Employees should consult a qualified Kansas City Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer for assistance.

The Employer Is Not Filing the Workers’ Compensation Claim for the Employee

Injured employees are responsible for ensuring all the documents needed for a workers’ compensation claim are submitted to the employer. Employers frequently obtain and submit the documents for their employees to ensure the employees opt for workers’ compensation benefits instead of filing a lawsuit. However, employees should submit the documents needed for their workers’ compensation claim. Kansas City Missouri workers compensation lawyer informs employees that they should complete all paperwork so that they can receive the benefits they are entitled to under the workers’ compensation system.

A Lawsuit Is Not Necessary if Employers Offer Workers’ Compensation Coverage

There may be some instances when employers or insurance companies unjustly refuse to provide workers’ compensation benefits to qualified employees. In these situations, an employee may opt to file a lawsuit against the employer. It will be necessary to consult with an experienced Kansas City Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure the rights of the employee are protected.

A Lawyer Is Not Necessary For a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Since workers’ compensation laws are complicated, it is advisable to consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to facilitate the process of claiming workers’ compensation benefits. Employees should seek advice from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer about their case to ensure that their rights are protected.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Automatically Released After a Work-Related Injury

Workers’ compensation benefits are not released automatically. Employees have to file a workers’ compensation claim and seek approval from the state compensation board.

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Updated: August 23, 2019

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