Workers Compensation Benefits for Scarring and Disfigurement

Scarring and disfigurement injuries can be painful both physically and emotionally.

missouri worker with scarring and disfigurement

Scarring or disfigurement can be extremely painful injuries, not just from a physical standpoint. A lot of these injuries can leave workers with permanent emotional or mental issues as they try to cope with them.

But, the question begs, are these types of injuries eligible for workers comp?

The short answer is yes, but it’s complicated.

What Does the Law Say?

If you were employed in Missouri at the time of your injury, which was directly caused by something work-related, then that injury is generally eligible for workers’ compensation by law. In the case of scars and disfigurement, though they are technically eligible for compensation, they also come with a few conditions.

For instance, the law states that a scar or disfigurement can only be eligible for compensation if they are serious and permanent. In the case of disfigurement, nobody can contest these conditions’ severity, so you generally won’t face a lot of issues when trying to get compensated for these injuries.

However, when it comes to scars, it might not be so easy. For one thing, the scars need to be considered serious, which most courts interpret as being quite visible. It’s why Missouri only compensated scarring that occurs on the face, neck, hands, and arms, meaning the areas of your body that are most often visible. Scars that occur in the back or stomach area, for instance, will generally not be compensated.

Additionally, both these injuries have to be considered permanent, meaning they cannot get better over time. Most people believe this is a given when it comes to scars, though this is not always the case. Scars can fade, for instance, and become less visible over time. A medical expert needs to examine the injury and determine if it is permanent or not.

How Much Can You Get?

If your case is approved, then your worker’s comp benefits should cover the costs of your medical treatment until you have reached the maximum level of medical improvement. In other words, you’ll get all medical bills for the scars or disfigurement covered until a doctor determines that your condition can no longer change, for better or worse.

For these types of injuries, plastic surgery is often the common treatment, which means a medical intervention will try to minimize the visibility of the scar or areas that are disfigured. Additionally, there could also be mental-health-related costs if the injured workers also developed depression or other mental health disorders as a result of the injuries. Missouri also deems mental health issues eligible for compensation.

Speak With an Attorney

If you’ve been injured at work, and the accident left you with scars or even disfigured, you may have a shot at compensation. Reach out to a Missouri workers comp lawyer to find out what your best legal actions are and begin your healing journey. Give us a call 24/7 at (816) 399-3706 for a FREE case evaluation.

Updated: February 9, 2021

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