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When a Work-Related Injury Hinders Your Chances of Employment

There are circumstances when a work-related injury could leave an employee unfairly unemployed. In cases like this, it is up to the employee to seek another opinion as to the extent of the injury in hopes that they can receive wage compensation. If you are having trouble getting a job in the months following a work-related injury, a … Read more

Updated: August 20, 2021

Occupational Diseases and Kansas City Workers’ Compensation

What are occupational diseases and what steps must be taken for an employee to qualify for workers’ compensation? Health conditions which occur as a result of exposure to hazardous elements in a work environment are described as occupational illnesses or diseases. It is usually required of injured employees to link their occupational illness to the … Read more

Updated: August 23, 2019

Work-Related Hearing Loss Claims

work-related hearing loss

Each year, about 22 million U.S. workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels at work. Employees are sometimes exposed to working conditions that put their hearing ability at risk. Permanent hearing loss may result from exposure to a sudden loud noise such as in the event of an industrial explosion. Work-related hearing loss may develop and … Read more

Updated: December 18, 2020

Receiving Workers’ Compensation From A Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident while on the job, you should know your legal rights to receive workers’ compensation. There are hundreds of jobs performed by Kansas City employees that require them to be on the road in the scope of their employment. Real estate agents, delivery men, and repair personnel all … Read more

Updated: August 21, 2019