What to Do If Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Suspended

If you were injured as a result of your work conditions, you know how stressful it is to deal with lost wages, insurance claims, and medical bills. Work-related injuries occur in a wide range of industries and jobs. From office sustained occupational disease or injuries to serious accidents on construction sites or slip and falls … Read more

Will Workers Compensation Pay The Transportation Costs To Get To My Medical Appointments?

dealing with your employers workers comp insurance company

In some cases, the worker is required to travel in order to get the medical attention their condition requires. Are these expenses also covered? By law, worker’s compensation benefits are available for Missouri employees, and they can be accessed whenever you are injured at work or get sick because of it. These benefits will cover … Read more

Updated: June 19, 2020

Will Workers Compensation Insurance Pay For My MRI?

workers comp mri scan

Even if your worker’s compensation case is accepted and you start receiving treatment, it doesn’t mean all your medical procedures or treatments will get the okay from the insurance company. In Missouri, the insurance company will generally choose the worker’s compensation doctor treating the injured worker. This can create quite a lot of issues since … Read more

Updated: May 15, 2020