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3 Reasons Why Your Injury Benefits Might Get Modified

Some people do end up having to have their workers comp benefits modified. Here are three common reasons.

Once you settle a workers’ compensation case, the terms rarely change later on. The primary reason why is that these claims don’t conclude until the injured worker’s health has improved as much as it can. Additionally, those who elect to take a lump sum settlement never experience modifications. All that being said, some people do end up having their benefits modified. We discuss the three most common reasons why in the sections below.

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Light Duty Work

The most common reason why benefits get modified is a worker being put in a light duty position. What generally happens is that people collect disability payments from their former employer. At some point, that business decides that it has a place for the injured worker. What that usually means is a part-time job or one that does not require significant physicality. Either way, the employee starts to lose benefits, but gains income due to having a job again. This development is almost always positive. The only time it is not is when the workers aren’t capable of doing the lightduty work that they have been assigned. If you get caught in this scenario, talking to a lawyer is a smart idea.

A Significant Change in Health Status

The second explanation is a significant change in your health status. The reason why this case is so rare is that, as we explained above, workers’ compensation cases generally don’t conclude until the employee has reached maximum medical improvement. Still, doctors occasionally make mistakes, and your capabilities could change over time. The first way is them decreasing, which could give you more benefits due to your worsened physical state. The other is your health improving, which could lessen your compensation total. Either way, you should keep an eye on your health and take note if anything changes significantly.

Lack of Honesty

Lastly, we have a very rare case, but one that occasionally presents itself. It starts with workers who get injured but choose to exaggerate their damages. Sometimes, these people manage to trick their doctors and the opposing insurance company. The result is a benefits package that is larger than expected. The unfortunate truth is that this lack of honesty almost always comes back to haunt them, as they get caught doing physical tasks that they shouldn’t be able to do. In this case, even a skilled lawyer likely won’t be able to help you, as lying is one of the worst things you can do in these situations.

While a workers compensation lawyer can’t do much about a lack of honesty, that professional will be able to defend you if your benefits get modified. The most common cases in which you might need this service are if your health falters or you’re put on light duty work despite being too limited. Legal counsel will be crucial in both cases, so don’t hesitate to find a local provider if you feel that your benefits are in jeopardy. Give us a call 24/7 at (816) 399-3706 for a FREE case evaluation.

Updated: August 23, 2019

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