5 Critical Functions Your Doctor Will Carry out After a Workplace Injury

Though obtaining compensation is crucial, getting back to optimal health should be your top priority after a workplace injury.

When you sustain a workplace injury, one of your first steps is going to a doctor. In the state of Missouri, that will generally mean a medical professional chosen by your company. Under extreme circumstances, you may have the right to see a 3rd party doctor, but this option is best discussed with a workers compensation attorney. Either way, your doctor will carry out the following critical tasks.

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Diagnosing Your Injury

The first problem that you need to solve is deciding precisely what the nature of your injury is. For some injuries, such as a broken bone, this is a straightforward process. For others, like back pain, it is more complicated. When you see the doctor, they will ask you a series of questions and give you a physical assessment. In the end, they will likely be able to diagnose your injury.

Treating You Back to Health

Though obtaining compensation is crucial, getting back to optimal health should be your top priority. After the doctor diagnoses you, you will receive a treatment plan for your recovery. This will allow you to reach the highest level of health you possibly can, given your injury. For more minor ailments, that should be roughly where you were before the damage took place. For more severe cases, that might be a lower level of capabilities.

Providing Medical Records

When you make your workers’ compensation claim, you will submit many pieces of evidence. One of them will be your medical records. This will do two things. First, it will give your employer an accurate idea of what the extent of your injuries is. Second, it will tell them the cost of your medical treatment, which will affect your settlement package.

Estimating Future Medical Bills

Your medical expenses may not stop after your initial treatment. Instead, they could continue to accrue over months or years. An example of this would be a severe injury that requires regular physical therapy. This cost should be worked into your compensation deal, so it is crucial that your doctor estimates it and provides a document for your employer.

Predicting the Future of Your Injury

Another type of benefit you can obtain is lost wages. This refers to the money you sacrificed by having your ability to work partially or entirely comprised. A doctor’s prediction of how much your ailment will inhibit your earning power in the future will be a factor in your settlement. Additionally, your doctor can declare that your health is at a point where you can work your job again.

When you pursue workers’ compensation, there are a significant amount of factors that go into how much money you can obtain. Perhaps the most important factor is the nature of your injuries now and into the future, which is best described by a doctor. Once you have this critical information at your disposal, you and your work injury attorney can pursue compensation with confidence.

Updated: June 14, 2019

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