5 Things to Do If You Are Injured on the Job in Missouri

If you are injured at work, it’s very important that you work with an experienced Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney to get the compensation that you deserve. In addition, there are a few steps you’ll need to take after your injury to maximize your compensation, and ensure that you get the best possible outcome from your workers’ compensation case. Read on, and make sure you do everything you can to win your case! 

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1. Report To Your Supervisor Immediately 

First things first, you must inform your supervisor of the accident and related injuries within 30 days of the incident, or of the discovery of your injuries. It’s usually best to report your accident right away. This can help ensure that you can prove the incident occurred where and when you said that it did. 

The sooner you notify your employer, the sooner you’ll get benefits. Notify the employer of the incident in writing, and you may also have to fill out other forms with information about what happened, the date and time of the incident, the location, and other crucial facts or information about witnesses.

2. Get Medical Help For Your Injuries

You need to get medical help for your injuries immediately. Waiting to get help can make your condition worse, and make it harder to get the benefits that you deserve. In Missouri, your employer can tell you which doctor to see for treatment for your workplace injury, so follow their instructions.

3. Follow-Up To Ensure Your Claim Is Filed Properly By Your Employer

By law, your employer is required to electronically file a report about your injury with the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation within 30 days of the incident report.

In addition, they must tell their workers’ compensation insurer or third-party administrator about the injury and file a report within 5 days of learning about the injury. 

Make sure you follow-up with your employer to make sure that they have officially filed your claim with the relevant parties within the required deadlines. 

If they have not, you may need to prepare a letter that states that you informed your employer, but they did not take action. Discuss this with an experienced workers compensation attorney.

4. Keep Extensive Records, Notes, and Documentation Related To Your Injury

You need to keep records of all related documents about your injury at the workplace, including but not limited to:

  • Reports to supervisors and others
  • Medical records
  • Pictures of the accident site & your injuries
  • Written accounts of the incident

The more information you have, the more likely it is that you can protect yourself and get the compensation you need with the help of an experienced attorney, even if your employer does not submit your claim or lacks workers’ compensation insurance.

5. Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer To Get Help With Your Claim

To maximize your payout and get the compensation you deserve, it is best to speak with an experienced work injury attorney who can help you file your claim, and reach an agreeable settlement for your case.

If your claim is approved, you will usually receive your first benefit payment within 14 days of your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer contacting you for more information. After this, the benefits you get will depend on the extent of your injury.

Don’t Go It Alone – Work With A Lawyer For Better Results

If you don’t get help from an experienced attorney, the process of getting a settlement after a serious workplace injury is often difficult and time-consuming, and you may not get all the money you deserve. Find a qualified lawyer to help you now, and make sure you protect yourself and your family when seeking a workers’ compensation settlement.

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Updated: May 22, 2020

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