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Safety experts are of the opinion that many fast food worker injuries can be prevented through improved processes and better training.

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Workplace injuries can occur in all professions, however, some workplaces are more prone to accidents due to the working conditions, or the very nature of the work that is performed. One such industry that exposes workers to the risk of injuries is the fast food industry. In this post, we will discuss the risks faced by fast-food chain workers, and what their rights are in case they suffer an injury in Missouri.

Last year, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) received complaints filed against 9 company-owned McDonald’s and 19 of its franchisees. The complaints alleged a variety of unsafe work practices that put company goals ahead of worker safety. Among the many allegations were claims that workers were made to clean deep fryers that were still hot. It was also alleged that the workers who suffered burn injuries at work were told to apply condiments to the wounds. The complaints were filed by McDonald’s workers from different cities, and the complaints detailed work-related injuries ranging from grease burns to unsafe work processes, lack of protective equipment and other workplace hazards.

Fast food workers have always been known to be at an increased risk of workplace injuries. According to a survey conducted by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (NCOSH), a labor organization that represents fast food workers, 87 percent of the 1,500 surveyed workers report having suffered an injury at work during the past year. The survey also showed that the workers who sustained burn injuries also reported that they were pressured by their employer to work speedily in a way that was unsafe.

Risks faced by workers in franchise business models

Safety experts are of the opinion that the franchise business model itself is a part of the system that poses risk to workers on the job. For instance, as the corporate parent in a franchise business model, McDonald’s is often protected from labor and safety complaints that stem from its franchise operations. This happens because the franchisor usually does have any day to day involvement in the operation of its franchise businesses. Therefore, the corporate parent is often not considered legally liable for employment-related issues such as worker safety or workers compensation. This often results in a lack of concern for the job process and worker safety issues.

Workplace safety in the fast food industry

Fast food restaurants offer quick convenience to customers, however, working at a rush pace often puts workers at a higher risk of workplace injuries. Safety experts are of the opinion that many fast food worker injuries can be prevented through improved processes and better training.

If you have been injured while working in a fast food restaurant, you may be entitled to Missouri workers compensation benefits. Contact a Missouri worker injury lawyer to learn more about your rights as an injured worker. Call (816) 399-3706 for a free and private consultation with an experienced attorney.

Updated: June 10, 2019

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