Common Work Injuries Auto Mechanics Face in Missouri

Missouri auto mechanics that sustain injuries in the workplace may be entitled to Missouri workers compensation benefits.

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Some workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others. The jobs that involve a lot of physical labor create more opportunities for workplace accidents. Auto mechanics are one example of professionals that are at high risk of injuries. In this post, our Missouri workers compensation attorneys will discuss the common injuries that auto mechanics suffer, and how they can stay safe on the job.

Eye Injuries

Around 7.8 percent of all injuries reported by mechanics are eye injuries. These injuries are often a result of parts flying off machines including plastic and metal parts that are being repaired. Working under vehicles also poses a risk of injury to unprotected eyes. The best way to prevent eye injuries is to wear proper safety glasses at all times.

Hand and Foot Injuries

Mechanics are also prone to suffering hand and foot injuries, ranging from burns to broken bones. As a part of their job, mechanics have to work with sharp, hot and chemical-laced tools and parts. This can cause cuts, eczema, and burns. Some mechanics do not prefer wearing safety gloves as they restrict movement. According to a report, more than a fourth of mechanics cut their hands at least 20 times each year.

Thermal and Chemical Burns

Auto mechanics can come in contact with hot materials such as hot vehicles, parts, and oil, and suffer burn injuries. They also have to work with harsh chemicals that can spill and cause chemical burns. Proper masks can prevent injuries caused by chemical inhalation.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Auto mechanics perform the same tasks for several years, and over time, they can develop chronic injuries as a result. Mechanics have to stand or kneel on hard surfaces for long hours. This can put pressure and stress on knee joints that are protected by a layer of muscle and fat. This can cause wear and tear of the joints and result in serious pain. Chronic back injuries are common among auto mechanics.

Most Auto Mechanic Injuries Are Preventable

Thankfully, most of these injuries are preventable. With the right kind of safety gear and common sense, auto mechanics can save themselves of these injuries. To complete their work safely, auto mechanics should wear proper safety equipment such as gloves, masks, goggles, and knee pads. Even employers should educate their workers on correct ways to lift and carry objects in a way that puts the least strain on the body. Workers should perform stretching and other simple exercises to prevent repetitive stress injuries. Mechanics should not use tools that they are not trained to work with.

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Updated: April 4, 2024

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