How Can an Attorney Help in Workers Compensation Claims?

An already injured and emotionally shattered worker may find it hard to comprehend the complex laws and procedures governing workers compensation.

Kansas City Work Related InjuryWorkers compensation law provides benefits to employees who suffer injuries or become ill at the workplace. The injured employee is entitled to medical benefits and wage loss benefits under the workers’ compensation system. The worker is not required to retain an attorney to receive benefits under workers compensation. However, in many cases, the employee may feel the need for expert advice to help navigate the complex workers’ compensation system. The need for an experienced Kansas City Missouri workers compensation lawyer may become necessary if the insurance company or the employer denies or reduces the benefits or if the worker feels that they deserve better compensation and medical treatment.

Complexities Hard to Understand

There are various ways in which an experienced Kansas City Missouri workers compensation lawyer can help injured employees fighting for workers compensation. It is important to understand that workers compensation cases may involve complexities that are hard to understand. Lawyers have the expertise to handle the legal filings, paper filings, research, and interviews of expert witnesses. An injured employee going through recovery and physical and emotional trauma may not be in a position to handle these procedural requirements.

A Kansas City Missouri workers compensation lawyer can answer all your questions related to workers compensation, and help fight for the compensation that you rightfully deserve. In case you need to file a dispute against an adverse decision of your employer or insurance company the lawyer can help you at every step. They can represent your case effectively before an administrative law judge.

How a Lawyer Can Help You

Typically, a lawyer may provide the following services:

  • They will analyze all aspects of your injury, and ascertain whether or not you are entitled to workers compensation benefits.
  • They will answer your questions related to your case and address your concerns.
  • The lawyer will ensure that your workers’ compensation case is filed in a timely manner because any delay would jeopardize your chances of recovery.
  • Collaborate with experts such as doctors and consultants to strengthen your case.
  • The lawyer will also deal with the workers’ compensation insurer on your behalf.
  • They will guide you at every step of the claims process.
  • They will help file an appeal if the employer or the insurance company denies the workers’ compensation benefits.
  • The lawyer will help get additional benefits in case you have suffered scars on head, face, or neck, and if you were injured because of a defective product.

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Updated: August 23, 2019

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