Missouri Workers Compensation and Assembly Line Workers

Employees that are often at the highest risk of work-related injuries include assembly line workers.


Missouri workers’ compensation covers injuries suffered during the course and scope of employment. It also covers occupational diseases such as asbestosis. Every year, thousands of workers file workers’ compensation claims for injuries sustained at the workplace. Many of the injuries are minor, but others are severe, life-threatening, and even fatal. There are some classes of workers that are more prone to work-related injuries because of the nature of their work.

The Highest Risk of Injury

Employees that are often at the highest risk of getting injured include construction workers, those doing manual labor, health care employees, and assembly line workers. Assembly lines at manufacturing units often involve heavy, fast-moving machines that expose workers to extremely hazardous conditions on a prolonged and continual basis.

The chances of an accident on an assembly line are quite high. If an assembly line worker gets injured while performing their job responsibilities, it the duty of the employer or the insurance company to take care of their medical treatment. Apart from the medical benefits, the injured assembly line worker will also be entitled to receive compensation for lost wages and medical equipment, including prosthetics, retraining, and rehabilitation.

Assembly Line Workers Prone to Injuries

Assembly line workers are prone to injuries caused by equipment that may be defective and potentially dangerous. The injury can also be a result of the inability or negligence of the employer in taking proper safety measures and making available necessary safety equipment. Some assembly line workers also get injured because of the negligent operation of machinery or malfunction of equipment. It is often difficult to determine the cause of malfunction or negligence in case of assembly line injuries. It is in the best interest of the injured assembly line worker to seek help from an experienced Kansas City Missouri workers compensation attorney to determine fault and negligence.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Assembly line work is repetitive in nature. Workers often have to work long shifts, and they keep standing for hours at a stretch. In many cases, poor ergonomics result in injuries such as strains, sprains, low back injuries, disc rupture, and even herniated disc. Assembly line workers are also prone to repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome that are caused by the overuse of certain muscles. They may also suffer spinal disc, back, or neck injuries because of lifting heavy objects. Assembly line workers are at risk of a limb getting stuck in heavy machinery. There have been cases where the assembly line worker has suffered serious hand or arm injuries because of a heavy object falling on them at the assembly line.

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Updated: June 6, 2023

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