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Missouri Workers’ Compensation Fraud and Noncompliance

In order to protect yourself if you are injured at work, you should have a basic understanding of how the workers’ compensation system works.

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Although workers’ compensation is required by the federal government, individual states are allowed to make modifications so long as they follow the guidelines. In order to better protect yourself in the event that you are injured at work, you should have a basic understanding of how the system works and what constitutes fraud and noncompliance. If you are being accused of fraud in your workers’ compensation claim, consult with a Missouri workers’ compensation attorney from The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann. We will help you defend your case and restore your rightful benefits.

The Workers’ Compensation Fraud and Noncompliance Unit

If allegations of workers’ compensation insurance fraud are made against you or your employer, the Fraud and Noncompliance Unit within the Division of Workers’ Compensation will review your case. It is their responsibility to investigate any allegations in order to come to a resolution.

If you are approached by a member of this special unit in regards to a recent workers’ compensation claim you have filed, you are within your rights to direct them to your workers’ compensation attorney. This is a government agency assigned to investigate you and your first priority should be to protect your rights.

Workers’ Compensation Employee Fraud

The vast majority of employees who file a workers’ compensation claim do so with a legitimate illness or injury. Where you are most likely to be accused of fraud is if you do not disclose certain information about your medical care, especially in regard to your past medical history. If you have been treated for a similar condition in the past and do not disclose this, the insurance may assume that the injury is pre-existing and that you are attempting to take advantage of the system. A Missouri workers’ compensation attorney can help you to prove the omission was an honest mistake and that you are indeed entitled to compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Employer Fraud

You may suspect that your employer is misrepresenting a situation in order to pay you less. If your employer made a false statement to you in order to discourage you from seeking medical help or your compensation benefits, they are in violation of the law and could face serious charges and fines.

Workers’ Compensation Employer Noncompliance

Noncompliance of the law differs from fraud in that the employer is simply not following the rules. For example, they may not have posted signs in the workplace regarding your rights to workers’ compensation or maybe did not make their list of accepted medical facilities readily available to you.

Kansas City Work Injury Lawyers

Evidence of fraud or noncompliance by your employer can help you with your own workers’ compensation claim. If you are being denied compensation or have been accused of filing a fraudulent claim, The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann can assist you in clearing your name and receiving your rightful compensation. Call us today at (816) 399-3706 for a FREE case evaluation.

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Updated: August 23, 2019

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