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My Employer Hasn’t Compensated My Work-Related Injury – What Next?

Injured workers in Missouri generally understand that if they get hurt on the job, worker’s compensation benefits are available to help them get medical treatment.

However, many workers may be surprised to find out not every worker’s comp case is approved or has a positive outcome. Even though worker’s compensation is a legal right, there are some instances where your claim may be denied. In these cases, however, you may have ways to fight back.

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Why Weren’t You Compensated?

There is a big difference between not being compensated because your claim was denied and negligence on your boss’s part. Some cases may genuinely not be eligible for worker’s compensation. For example, if it is discovered that you intentionally hurt yourself, your claim will be denied, and you can possibly even expect some legal repercussions. The same goes if you are injured on your way to work.

However, your employer cannot deny compensation for an eligible injury. Finding out why you were not compensated is essential to figuring out your next steps. Some examples may include:

  • You did not report your injury in due time
  • Your employer did not file an injury report
  • You did not officially notify your employer of your injury
  • Your employer does not carry worker’s comp insurance

For example, not all businesses in Missouri are required to have worker’s compensation. If the business has less than five employees, then the worker’s compensation is elective, and your boss may have chosen to skip it. Instead of the worker’s comp, you may file a personal injury claim and get compensated this way.

Speak With an Attorney

Since there are many possible explanations for why you were not compensated, you should consider hiring a Missouri worker’s compensation lawyer for help.

A lawyer can help you figure out why the employer did not compensate you. Once the reason is identified, you and your lawyer can devise a plan to make sure your claim either gets approved or you get compensated through other means.

The lawyer will represent your best interest every step of the way. Consider the possibility that your boss intentionally did not file an injury report, leaving you and your injury unprotected. You have the option even of filing a lawsuit against them and receive compensation this way. But a trial is a complicated process that requires you to make a compelling case in front of a judge. A lawyer will not have any problems with it, and can even increase your winning odds tremendously.

If you are eligible for worker’s compensation but the actions of your boss left you uncovered, you don’t have to just accept it. Get in touch with an experienced work injury attorney and find out what are your best options to receive compensation and get adequate medical treatment.

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Updated: March 26, 2020

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