Pitfalls to Avoid When Filing A Worker’s Compensation Claim

The worker’s compensation program safeguards the interests of employees injured at the workplace.

Work Comp LawyerWorker’s compensation provides for medical expenses, loss of wages, and other damages that the employee has suffered due to injury. It is the legal duty of every employer with more than five employees to receive worker’s compensation insurance. They are obligated to pay worker’s compensation to employees who have suffered an occupational sickness or a work related injury.

When the Employer Denies the Claim

However, in many cases the employer might try to delay or deny the compensation citing various reasons. Some commonly cited reasons include insufficient medical evidence to prove that the injury was sustained at the workplace, and delay in reporting the injury to the supervisor or employer.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Kansas City Missouri worker’s compensation lawyers believe that there are certain pitfalls that an employee needs to avoid so that the employer is left with no reason to deny the claim, and the employee receives their rightful benefits without any delay.

  • Your employer might try to talk you into using your health insurance to pay the medical bills, and not report your injury and claim worker’s compensation; under no circumstances should you delay reporting the work injury and claim worker’s compensation.
  • An injured worker should never sign checks or releases with release language printed on them.
  • Do not allow the insurance company access to your health records by signing a medical release, because they have no right to access them. All they will do is look for loopholes to make your case weak, and limit the benefits or deny compensation. Do not share any medical or health related information with third parties as well.
  • You should not close your worker’s compensation case as long as you are completely sure that you have become perfectly fit, and your condition cannot get any better. Although the insurance company will try to get you to sign a nominal settlement, you should bear in mind that once your file is closed, you will neither get any further benefits, nor will you be able to seek any more treatment.
  • An injured worker should not sign a settlement before consulting a Kansas City Missouri worker’s compensation attorney, who will explain to you what is the fair amount of compensation that you deserve and what your legal rights are.

If you have injured yourself at work, and the employer or insurance company is giving you a tough time, you should consult The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann at (816) 399-3706. We will help you gather all relevant evidence and receive the rightful benefits that you deserve. Even if your employer has denied your worker’s compensation claim, we can help file an appeal and get you compensated for the damages suffered due to your work-related injury.

Updated: January 8, 2019

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