Preventing Work-Related Traffic Fatalities

Every year, over a thousand workers are killed in work-related accidents, many of which are traffic related.

work related car accident

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average of 1,275 workers are killed in auto accidents every year. In 2012, 1,153 workers died in work-related auto accidents.

Reducing Work-Related Traffic Fatalities

Many work-related traffic fatalities are preventable. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has developed a five-year research and prevention plan, including a five-step program to reduce the number of work-related auto fatalities.

  1. A better understanding of risks associated with work-related motor vehicle accidents.
  2. Employing engineering and technology-based safety interventions to reduce the incidence and severity of motor vehicle accidents.
  3. Employing evidence-based road safety management policies to reduce the incidence and severity of motor vehicle accidents.
  4. Better availability of products and guidance that can reduce the incidence of motor vehicle crashes.
  5. Reduce work-related motor vehicle crashes and injuries through national and international research collaborations.

With millions of American workers at a high risk of motor vehicle accidents, this strategic plan can help address a long-standing safety concern and help reduce and prevent work-related traffic fatalities.

Workers at Risk

There are various classes of workers that are susceptible to auto crashes.

  • delivery drivers and truckers
  • sales employees
  • other employees traveling for business

Responsibilities of the Employer

Work-related auto accidents are prevalent in all occupations and industries and employer safety policies and programs play a crucial role in preventing such accidents. Employers can manage the risk through proactive safety programs and policies that cover basics such as safe driving conditions, promoting safe driving habits, and taking appropriate steps to maintain vehicles in good working condition.

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Updated: June 14, 2019

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