Receiving Treatment for Your Work-Related Back Injury

A work-related back injury may leave you with pain for many years. You may be entitled workers’ compensation benefits for medical expenses and lost wages.

back injury compensationYour back can be injured easily by performing any number of tasks, making it very susceptible to being hurt during your workday. Even a slight slip and fall accident can cause painful injury to your back. If you are having trouble receiving your workers’ compensation benefits for a back injury sustained while you were on the job, talk with a Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney.

Work-Related Back Injuries Are Common

Employees in every field imaginable are at risk for a back injury. Construction workers, warehouse employees, and delivery people are especially prone to work-related back injuries, due to the heavy lifting required from them. The challenge that faces employees with a work-related back injury is that as high as its incidence is at work, it is equally likely to occur in your other daily activities.

This type of injury may cause the insurance company to look deeply into the cause of the injury to make sure that it did indeed occur while at work. This can be hard for an injured employee to prove if the pain is the result of a repetitive injury rather than that of a work-place accident. Another factor that they will look into is the possibility of a pre-existing condition. Since millions of people seek medical attention for back pain each year, an insurance company may challenge your claim if they find evidence of prior injury to the area.

Filing an Appeal For a Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

A Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney may be able to file an appeal on your behalf and secure the medical evidence needed to make sure that your medical bills for a work-related back injury are paid. A Kansas City employee whose back injury from work-related activities was so severe that it left her permanently and totally disabled. This employee will receive a weekly sum of $427.94, in addition to having the medical expenses paid for.

Some back injuries require surgery in order to reach MMI, or maximum medical improvement, while the pain from other injuries can be treated indefinitely with analgesics until the condition improves. In either circumstance, the recovery time for a back injury can be extensive and restrict an employee from working a normal schedule. Your Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney can also make sure that your time off from the job is included with your compensation.

Kansas City Workers’ Compensation Attorney

No matter what type of injury you suffer at work, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. If denied in whole or in part for any reason, discuss your appeal options with a qualified Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney. With a back injury, you may be living with the painful consequences for years. You want to ensure that you are getting your rightful compensation until the pain finally subsides. Call The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann at (816) 399-3706.

Updated: December 18, 2020

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