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The Most Common Injuries Suffered by Retail Workers

Here are four common accidents among retail workers and the injuries that each of them leads to.

Retail is a notoriously tough industry in an emotional sense. However, people don’t always understand that physical risks are always involved in retail. Here are four common accidents among retail workers and the injuries that each of them leads to.

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Slips, Trips, and Falls

One of the most common incidents that take place in a retail setting is falling. This trend can be broken down into two components. First, workers in this field are almost always on their feet while walking through different areas of the store. Second, retail locations tend to have a lot of objects on the ground, the most common of which being products. These two factors combine to make this setting prone to falls. Some injuries that frequently come about from these accidents are bruises, cuts and bone breaks. If you want to avoid them, make sure you pay attention to what is in front of you while you walk. You can achieve this goal by resisting distractions.

Repetitive Stress

Another cause of damages is not so much an accident, but a natural consequence of this type of job. It is repetitive stress injuries, which come from carrying out the same action over and over again. The one that retail workers most often get hurt by is working a cash register, as moving your hand the same way every day can lead to unnatural strain. Additionally, any other repetitive motion can cause a variety of damages. The one that garners the most workers’ compensation claims is carpal tunnel.


Almost every person that works in a retail environment has to do some lifting. Whether they are in the back of the store getting stock ready to go out or a salesperson on the floor, there is going to be some level of exertion involved. If you don’t lift with proper form in these situations, you are setting yourself up for injuries like strains and sprains. The four guidelines to remember are as follows.

  • Don’t lift more than you can handle.
  • Lift as a team.
  • Use assistive equipment.
  • Never compromise your lifting form.

Machinery Complications

Lastly, we have machinery complications, which frequently cause bone breaks, bruising, and cuts. While you won’t have much exposure to these risks in some positions, others will often come into close contact with heavy equipment. The power of this machinery always poses an injury risk, no matter who you are. Your best bet at avoidance is adhering to safety guidelines and staying alert. That way, nothing will sneak up on you and cause injury.

Despite its dangers, working in the retail industry does not mean you will sustain an injury. The more likely result of your career will be years or decades of safety. Still, accidents can happen, and you should be prepared. The best way to do so is by understanding how workers compensation works.

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Updated: June 10, 2019

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