What to Do If You Got COVID-19 on the Job in Missouri

If you have COVID-19 you may be wondering: What happens to your job if you need to be quarantined? Can you apply for worker’s compensation?

If you suspect you are infected with COVID-19, either because you are already showing symptoms or have interacted with someone who is now sick, the first thing you need to do is get in touch with your medical provider and await their instructions.

You may be wondering: What happens to your job if you need to be quarantined? Can you apply for worker’s compensation?


It Depends on Your Case

Workers’ compensation in Missouri will also offer benefits to workers who get sick on the job, so technically you can apply for compensation if you are positive with COVID-19. However, the issue here is not whether the illness itself is eligible, but if the way you contracted it is.

Only injuries or illnesses that have resulted directly from your work can be eligible for compensation. So, if you get injured from a coworker or a customer who is also infected, then you generally should not encounter any issues in getting compensated. There are some jobs that put you more at risk of contracting the virus, such as various healthcare positions, customer service staff, waiters or other restaurant personnel, etc.

However, there are two problems that appear here. The first has to do with the virus itself, specifically the fact that it is known to be quite contagious. As a result, it can become difficult to rule out a possible contagion from outside of your work, which could potentially affect your claim.

Secondly, even if you rule out immediate friends and families you typically interact with, there is always a possibility of a community infection, meaning you could have gotten the virus by performing regular tasks, such as grocery shopping, without even realizing it.

What Does This All Mean?

It means you will have to be even more prepared to fight for your worker’s comp claim. This pandemic is putting everyone in situations they’ve never encountered before, which can generate a lot of difficulties for workers who need to apply for worker’s compensation.

Given this situation, there are two main things to do when you suspect you are infected with the new coronavirus:

1. Contact your healthcare provider and follower their instructions

2. Call a workers compensation attorney and have them review the specifics of your case

An experienced lawyer can review your case, help you navigate this process, especially since you will most likely have to isolate yourself at home and cannot be traveling to your work or to meet with insurance adjusters. Additionally, if you have an eligable claim, a lawyer can help you gather evidence to prove you contracted the virus through your work activity, making you eligible to receive compensation.

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These are very difficult times, and the main thing you need to know right now is this: if you suspect you are sick with COVID-19, stay home to keep you and others safe and contact your healthcare provider right away.

When possible, get in touch with an experienced workers comp attorney and have them review your claim.

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Updated: April 29, 2020

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