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“Why Are My Workers Compensation Benefits Taking So Long?”

Work-related injuries often come with high medical bills, not to mention they can force you to stay out of work for days.

“When does workers’ comp start paying my benefits?” This is a common question that most work injury victims ask, and rightfully so. Work-related injuries often come with high medical bills, not to mention they can force you to stay out of work for days.

 So, when should you start receiving your benefits for your injuries? And what if it seems like it is taking a long time?

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When Does Workers Comp Start Paying Your Benefits?

There is no set standard time for you to start receiving your benefits. It all depends on your case and unique situation. Some cases are pretty straightforward, and you will get your benefits relatively quickly. On the other hand, some cases are complicated and take a lot of work and time behind the scenes to settle them. Either way, an experienced Missouri workers’ comp attorney can help ensure you get the benefits you are legally entitled to.

The wait time for getting your benefits is generally as follows:

1. Medical Benefits

Regardless of whether your claim has been accepted or not, your medical benefits should generally start coming in immediately after reporting your work injury. Therefore, after suffering a work-related injury, notify your supervisor immediately, and they will direct you to an authorized medical specialist. After the treatment, the authorized doctor should generally bill the medical expenses to your employer or their insurer.

It is important to understand that your employer has a right to choose your treating doctor. However, if you select a doctor on your own, your claim may be denied.

2. Lost Wages

As the name suggests, this benefit will allow you to recover compensation for time or wages you lost due to your workplace injury. However, it’s worth noting that you generally can only receive these benefits once your claim has been accepted.

3. Permanent Disability

Have your work-related injuries permanently taken away your earning power? Then you can file a permanent disability claim.

Again, these benefits can only begin after your claim has been accepted. Your disability will also have to be rated and you generally must appear before a disability judge. In addition, the insurance company will require credible evidence to approve your disability.

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Updated: January 19, 2022

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