Workers Compensation: Construction Accidents

Construction sites are among the most hazardous workplaces.

construction injury workers comp lawyerFalling objects, heavy equipment, and faulty scaffolding make the working environment hazardous for the construction workers. Every year, thousands of workers get injured and even killed at constructions sites. In spite of the known dangers, construction workers risk their lives every day to earn a living.

Thankfully, there exists a workers compensation system that helps the injured workers get appropriate medical treatment for their injuries. The system also entitles injured workers to disability benefits for the time they are unable to get back to work. Under the workers compensation system, every employer who employs more than 5 workers needs to have workers compensation insurance. In the construction sector, the employer will have to buy workers compensation insurance even if he employs just one worker.

Causes of Construction Site Injuries

Construction workers can suffer injuries because of repetitive stress occurring out of prolonged and repetitive use of a particular part of the body or equipment, or by a trauma caused by a construction accident. Both types of injuries are covered by workers compensation. Whether the injury that you have suffered is minor, requiring minimal medical treatment, or serious, requiring prolonged and extensive medical treatment, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that you get the best possible treatment for your injury.

Occupational diseases are also covered by workers compensation, which means, if you have suffered an illness because of exposure to certain toxins at the construction site, you can claim benefits under workers compensation.

The most common causes of construction site injuries are as follows:

  • Heavy machinery: Workers often get injured while working on heavy construction machinery such as payloader, forklift, cherry picker, bulldozer, and other such equipment.
  • Construction tools: Many workplace injuries are caused by use of defective construction tools, or repetitive use of certain tools such as air hammers, air chisels, air saws, screwdrivers, jigsaws, mechanical saws, drills, and jackhammers.
  • Faulty equipment: Workers compensation also covers injuries caused by falls from ladders, defective heavy equipment, scaffolding collapses, and other such as accidents.
  • OSHA violations: Failure to implement proper safety procedures and follow OSHA regulations can lead to injuries at construction workplaces.

When a construction accident results in a serious injury, it is devastating to both the worker as well as to his or her family. Medical bills, disability, and wage loss can be devastating to the whole family. However, workers compensation can take care of the medical treatment and financial stability during this tough time.

Construction Accident – Work Injury Lawyer

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Updated: August 23, 2019

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