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Workers Compensation for Knee Injuries – Kansas City Work Injury Lawyer

Serious knee injuries are among the most common injuries reported in Kansas City workplaces and around the state of Missouri.

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The knee is undoubtedly among the most hardworking joints in the body. It helps in mobility and bears the body’s weight. Some workers have to spend hours on their knees and due to this, the knees may suffer serious wear and tear, which can lead to osteoarthritis. Trauma to the knee such as twisting or banging a knee in a fall can cause serious damage to the joint. Such accidents and overuse that cause serious knee injuries are among the most common injuries reported in American workplaces. These injuries can leave the person disabled and incapable of performing his duties.

Common Knee Injuries and Disorders

Ligament tears: Medial collateral Ligament is the most commonly injured knee ligament. Sudden stops or change in direction can also cause the Anterior Cruciate Ligament to tear.

Sprains and strains: These are commonly reported workplace injuries and impact the tendons and ligaments that support the knee and surrounding muscles.

Broken bones: Some common fractures are the fracture of the kneecap or adjacent parts of the tibia, fibula or femur. Knee fractures are caused by abnormal force such as severe twisting motion and falling on the knee.

Dislocation: These are among the most serious knee injuries. However, they are rare.

Repetitive stress injuries: Overuse injuries of the knee include small tears in the tendons, inflammation of the tiny sacs of fluid that lubricate and cushion the knee, folding or thickening of the knee, and pain in the kneecap.

Osteoarthritis: It is a degenerative joint disease that develops at the site of the previous injury. It causes pain, stiffness, and inflammation.

A worker who suffers a knee injury may be recommended RICE treatment. He/she may have to be on crutches for a few days, and once the pain subsides physical therapy may help restore motion. For severe pain and inflammation, the doctors may prescribe pain medications and steroid injections. However, in case the damage is extensive and it cannot be treated with medications or physical therapy, then surgical intervention is sought. Some common knee surgeries include:

Osteotomy: Used to reshape or reposition the bones of the knee damaged by osteoarthritis. The procedure involves changing the alignment or position of the knee to shift the patient’s weight away from the damaged part.

Arthroscopy: Used to remove damaged parts of the joint and clean the joint to remove loose parts

Arthroplasty: Joint replacement surgery in which an artificial joint made of plastic and metal is used to replace a part or whole of the knee joint.

Causes of Workplace Knee Injuries

Overexertion includes:

  • excessive pushing
  • lifting
  • pulling
  • carrying
  • holding
  • throwing
  • falling to a lower level
  • falling on the same level
  • being struck by an object falling on a worker from above
  • bodily reaction to climbing
  • bending
  • standing
  • reaching
  • sitting
  • tripping or slipping without falling

Seeking Legal Advice

If you have suffered a serious knee injury at the workplace and need help with your claim, you should get in touch with a competent Missouri workplace injury attorney.

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Updated: August 21, 2019

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