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Workers Compensation for Missouri Firefighters

As a firefighter, you have many things to worry about. One thing that should not be on that list is fighting for your own workers’ compensation claim.

Every firefighter knows that a considerable amount of risk comes with their job. Still, it is useful to highlight specific dangers to help in education and avoidance. If you ever sustain an injury while working as a firefighter, you should go over your options with a Kansas City, MO workers compensation attorney.


Firefighters are considered some of the bravest and heroic figures in our society. The reason is that they face the following dangers while trying to save lives.

Fire – The most obvious danger of firefighters is the fire itself. Though these public servants wear protective gear, the heat is often too powerful, and they end up with severe burns.

Falling Objects – Sometimes, a firefighter has to enter a burning building to save somebody. When they do, they risk objects, or entire structures, landing on top of them. This can cause severe injury or death.

Overexertion – when it comes to fighting fires, there is a significant amount of equipment required. In general, the total weight of all of a firefighter’s gear and tools comes out to 45-75 pounds. When you carry that much weight around during an athletic job, you are at risk of a variety of injuries associated with overexertion.

Mental Health – Given how often firefighters enter emotionally overwhelming situations, it is no mystery why so many of them struggle with mental health issues like PTSD. When you see as many traumatic events as firefighters do, it is natural to feel the effects on your psyche.

Smoke Inhalation – In a profession that faces considerable danger, smoke inhalation is frequently forgotten. This is a mistake, as this danger causes many adverse health effects.

Smoke Inhalation Consequences

Though the consequences of most firefighting dangers are easy to imagine, the ones associated with smoke inhalation are more of a mystery. In the short term, inhaling smoke causes heart issues, irritation of the lungs, and headaches. With repeated exposure, it could lead to lung cancer or a heart attack.

Protecting Yourself

If you are a firefighter, there are no simple methods to avoid danger entirely. Fighting through it and saving lives is part of your job description, so you must face it at certain points. Still, you can protect yourself by adhering to every safety guideline that your employer gives you. The most important factor is the proper use of protective gear and pieces of equipment.

Workers’ Compensation as a Government Employee

One common myth about workers’ compensation is that it is radically different for government employees. In reality, it is nearly the same. The one thing that is different is that in general, government employees are more likely to have their claims accepted. The government typically treats their own very well, and especially when those employees risk their lives to serve the public.

As a firefighter, you have many things to worry about. One thing that should not be on that list is fighting for your own workers’ compensation claim. Instead, speak with an experienced attorney to ensure you get the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Updated: August 23, 2019

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