3 Things to Know About Ligament Tear Injuries at Work

Although quite strong and sturdy, ligaments can stretch and even tear under excessive strain during work-related activity.

Ligaments are a cluster of fibrous tissues that connect one bone to another. They facilitate the smooth movements of bones and keep the joints strong and stable. They’re the reason you can make a fist, point a finger, and flex your feet. 

work-related ligament tear

Although quite strong and sturdy, these ligaments can stretch and even tear under excessive strain. This results in what is known as ligament tears. Ligament tear injuries are common in athletes who participate in high-demand sports. However, you can also get a ligament tear injury while performing your work-related duties.

In this article, we’ll consider what ligament tear injuries are, their common symptoms, and how to prevent them.

What Is a Ligament Tear Injury?

A ligament tear is an injury caused by a forceful impact to the joint, or an unnatural joint movement like twisting. These impacts or unnatural movements make the ligaments strain. When the strain is excessive, the ligaments give in and tear. Ligament injuries divide into three grades, which are:

  • Mild ligament tears
  • Moderate ligament tears
  • Complete ligament tears

In general, the more forceful the impact, the more severe the tear will be. However, sometimes mild ligament tears can worsen to complete ligament tears if you don’t take care of the injury.

How Do Ligament Tear Injuries Occur in the Workplace?

Ligament tear injuries aren’t restricted to strenuous athletic exercises, even simple work activities can lead to this type of injury. You can get a ligament tear while walking or running and trip over an object. Bending your ankle awkwardly can result in a sprained ankle, which is a mild ligament tear.

You can also get a ligament tear when you land awkwardly on your back and use your arms to cushion the landing. This is mostly from slipping on a spill or wet floor in the workplace or falling from a high place. You’re likely to suffer a complete ligament injury if that’s the case. 

In some cases, overexertion can lead to ligament tears but usually mild to moderate tears. There are several other ways you can end up with a ligament tear in the workplace. Clumsiness and carelessness are leading causes of ligament tear injuries in work environments.

What Are the Symptoms of a Ligament Tear Injury?

Contrary to popular thought, initial symptoms of a ligament tear might not be so obvious. For tears in the knee ligaments, you may hear a pop, and your knees will likely buckle when you stand. However, later on, you’ll notice a little swelling on the affected area and pain to the touch.

You may also have trouble moving the affected joint or standing up if it affects the knees. In any case, it’s important to seek prompt medical attention before the injury worsens.

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A tear ligament injury at work is not something to take lightly. Seek immediate medical care so you can start the recuperation process ASAP.

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