4 Jobs With the Highest Risk of Occupational Mental Illnesses

Occupational mental illness can take a heavy toll on you, such that you no longer enjoy the activities you once did.

Studies show that 1 in every 5 US adults live with a mental health condition. What’s even more startling is that many mental illnesses stem from the workplace environment. That’s right; working in a hostile environment can take an immense toll on your mental and overall health.

Below are the top four professions with the highest risk of mental health illnesses in Missouri.

missouri worker with a mental illness

1. First Responders

Working as a police officer, firefighter, or EMT is one of the most stressful jobs. Due to the nature of your work, you are constantly dealing with fire tragedy, car accidents, natural disasters, or terrorism victims who may be suffering severe and sometimes fatal injuries.

Sadly, seeing individuals in so much physical and emotional pain almost every day may be too hard to take and may eventually take a toll on your mental health. As a result, you may experience nightmares, burnouts, depression, stress, or anxiety. Some first responders even commit suicide due to workplace stress.

2. Construction Workers

Many construction workers have suffered work-related stress. Compared to the general public, construction workers are more exposed to burnout, which is a major cause of mental illnesses.

What’s more, working for long hours in a hazardous construction environment, especially one that involves using heavy machinery or working at high heights, can also cause occupational mental illnesses.

3. Medical Professionals

Health care specialists such as dentists, doctors, and nurses are also at an elevated risk of occupational mental illnesses. For example, as a health care officer, you may have to deal with dying patients, long shifts, attacks from patients, or a high-paced work environment. Sadly, over time you could develop anxiety, depression, stress, and other life-changing mental illnesses.

4. Hospitality Workers

Working in a restaurant or a bar is one of the most challenging jobs. You often have to deal with countless rude and impatient customers who expect to be served without delay. Sadly, the physical exertion coupled with workplace toxicity may make you a victim of occupational stress, depression, or anxiety.

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Mental illness can take a heavy toll on you, such that you no longer enjoy the activities you once did. What’s more, these illnesses may be financially and emotionally devastating and can also have a significant impact on your family. Fortunately, if your mental health condition is the result of your employment, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

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Updated: February 25, 2022

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