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6 Things a Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Do That You Can’t

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Filing a workers’ comp claim seems straightforward in concept. The workers’ compensation board clearly outlines the procedure and steps for doing so, so hiring an attorney for your worker’s comp may seem like a waste of time and money. However, you’ll find out that filing for workers’ comp is filled with hurdles and challenges that only an experienced workers’ comp attorney can maneuver.

6 Things a Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Do

  1. Determine the Eligibility of Your Injuries – You’d be surprised to learn that not all work-related injuries qualify for compensation under your worker’s comp. Employees must prove that the injuries or illnesses directly relate to work activities. This is easier said than done. A worker’s comp attorney will help you determine whether the policy covers the injuries you sustained.
  2. Ensure a Seamless Claims Process – Contrary to popular thought, filing a workers’ compensation claim is much more complicated. There’s tons of paperwork to fill out, and some employees experience subtle and sometimes overt pushback from their bosses. Workers’ comp attorney will help you navigate the convolutions of filing a workers comp claim to ensure it sails through.
  3. Work With Uncooperative Employers – Employers aren’t too eager about their workers filing for compensation under their workers’ comp because frequent filings increase their premiums. It’s not uncommon for employers to mistreat their workers after filing for workers’ compensation. An attorney will mediate between you and your employer to maintain an amicable worker-boss relationship despite the workers’ comp claim.
  4. Handle Workers’ Comp Appeals – There’s always the possibility of your workers’ comp claim getting rejected, especially if you filed it solo. Thankfully, you can always file an appeal if you feel hard done by your employer’s or judge’s decision. An experienced attorney will help you file for workers’ comp claims and get the compensation you deserve.
  5. Explain Your Benefit Options – Workers’ compensation may not be the only benefit you qualify for after a work-related injury or illness. You could also be eligible for disability and unemployment benefits, depending on the extent of your injuries and your specific case. An attorney will let you know what benefit options you’re open to getting a larger payout.
  6. File a Lawsuit – You could always file a lawsuit if you feel inadequate compensation for your injuries. An attorney will help you file a third-party civil lawsuit to get justice. An attorney will help you navigate the legalities of the process for a favorable outcome.

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Updated: June 15, 2023

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