Are Seasonal Workers Eligible for Workers Compensation?

Most injured employees have the option of filing for a workers compensation claim and receive money to cover related expenses.

Seasonal work is the type of employment that is not available all year round but only during specific times.

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For instance, during the Christmas holidays stores may need more personnel to handle the greater flux of customer needs. These terms of employment generally end once the holiday season is over. The following year, the cycle is repeated.  

A lot of Missouri citizens turn to these seasonal jobs to get some extra money. However, as with any form of employment, there are some risks involved, and people are understandably wondering if workers compensation benefits still apply if their job does not have permanent status.

What Does the Law Say?

According to Missouri law, all workers are entitled to workers compensation benefits regardless of the type of employment – full time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal workers are all covered by this insurance.

However, you first must make sure your employer falls under those categories where the state mandates workers compensation insurance. For instance, companies with 5 or fewer workers aren’t legally required to carry this insurance. Moreover, if your employer does not offer you a work contract, but hires you as an independent contractor, then workers compensation also does not apply.

Common Risks for Season Workers

Because of the nature of their job, seasonal workers often do not receive proper training for the positions they are filling. That can increase the risk of a potential accident while performing work activities because the employee does not have the experience or training as the law requires.

For instance, you may get a job at a retail store during the holidays. However, because the company does not properly prepare you for the job, you do not know what safety measures to take to make sure you don’t get hurt on the job. Because of that, the necessary work activities you have to perform may leave you injured.

If that happens, most injured employees have the option of filing for a workers compensation claim and receive money to cover the cost of their medical bills, as well as some of the lost wages. The worker must seek medical attention for their condition, and inform their employer of their condition as soon as possible. Then, they can file an official compensation claim.

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Updated: April 4, 2024

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