Chronic Pain After a Work Injury

Chronic pain is known to restrict mobility, create opioid dependency, cause anxiety or depression, and impact the quality of life.

As many as 20% of U.S. adults are dealing with chronic pain, while 8% are reportedly struggling with high-impact chronic pain where at least one major life activity is limited.

Chronic pain is known to restrict mobility, create opioid dependency, cause anxiety or depression, and impact the quality of life. It is reported that there is a $560 billion cost annually because of its treatment, loss of productivity, or disability programs that offer benefits for people suffering from these conditions.

And because these conditions are more and more common, they are also rather recurring in Missouri workers compensation claims.

missouri worker with chronic pain

How Chronic Pain Affects the Quality of Life

Chronic pain generally lasts about three months. Sometimes it is confused with acute pain, but the main distinction is that acute pain goes away when a patient starts the treatment, while chronic pain does not.

In some cases, chronic pain can make changes in the nerves, and actually worsen a person’s condition in time if they do not seek treatment. And because of its characteristics, chronic pain can have a negative impact on essentially every aspect of a person’s life:

  • Daily activities – people with chronic pain often have reduced mobility, and therefore are unable to take part in common daily activities;
  • Overall health – chronic pain can also affect the person’s overall health due to lack of physical activities, and insomnia;
  • Work activities – a lot of patients with chronic pain are forced to miss considerable time off work and try to change their job or get modified work activity. When they are unable to do so, chronic pain sufferers can end up losing their job;
  • Relationship – chronic pain can also strain a person’s relationship with family and friends, cause isolation, and mental disorder.

Workers Compensation Can Help

Workers compensation in Missouri is awarded to workers who get injured or sick while performing their work activities. According to the law, people with chronic pain can receive the funds to cover their treatment under workers compensation, but it must be proven that the condition is a result of your work.

For instance, if you have a physically demanding job, and it causes chronic pain in time, you have a higher chance of getting these benefits. If, however, you sustain an injury outside of work, and chronic pain is a consequence of that injury, it may be harder to win the claim. Your workers comp lawyer will have to argue that your work actually worsened your condition.

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Updated: April 4, 2024

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