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Avoid These Five Mistakes When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Filing a workers’ compensation claim may be tricky and there are common mistakes you will want to avoid.

workers-compensation-claimsKansas City Missouri workers’ compensation lawyers have noted a number of mistakes claimants make that frequently result in denial of their workers’ compensation claim. The following are five common mistakes you can avoid.

Mistake #1

Claimants frequently neglect reporting their work-related injuries immediately because they believe their injuries are minor or they will heal on their own after some time. Many injured employees commit this mistake because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

Mistake #2

Claimants postpone a visit to the doctor to have their injury medically examined. This is a major mistake because a work-related injury is recognized by employers only after the claimant visits a doctor. In addition, it will be more complicated for a doctor to associate an injury with the accident if the claimant delays the report.

Mistake #3

Claimants may hand over a written statement of their version of the accident to an adjuster without seeking the opinion of a Kansas City Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer. The written statement can be used by the adjuster against the employee.

Mistake #4

Claimants believe they can easily go to another doctor. The law states that the employer has the right to choose the doctor, and claimants cannot seek compensation for treatment from a doctor not approved by the employer.

Mistake #5

Claimants choose to accept a settlement without any knowledge of the actual value of their claim. It is necessary for claimants to consult an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer before they accept a settlement.

Avoid these mistakes and seek the advice of an experienced Kansas City Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer. Stay tuned for five more additional common mistakes to avoid.

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Updated: August 23, 2019

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