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Five More Workers’ Compensation Mistakes to Avoid

When filing a workers’ compensation claim, steer clear of these common errors that may reduce your compensation.

Work Injury Claim REJECTEDPreviously, we listed five common mistakes employees make when filing a workers’ compensation claim. These mistakes may cause a claim to be denied. Here are five more mistakes that may cause you to lose your rightful compensation.

Mistake #6

Claimants attend a trial without the assistance of a lawyer. Claimants are not aware that a lawyer will represent the insurance company, and that there are complex technicalities involved in the claim that he or she may not be able to successfully handle.

Mistake #7

Claimants believe the adjuster, company nurse, or rehabilitation worker of the insurance company is on their side. They are not aware that these individuals are not working in their favor and any information they give may be used by the insurance company against his or her interests.

Mistake #8

Claimants should be alert even if the claim is acknowledged by the insurance adjuster. When the adjuster sends the “agreement to pay” form, the claimant should check whether all the work-related injuries suffered due to the accident are included in the form. Any injuries excluded from the form will not be included in the claim two years after the accident.

Mistake #9

Claimants are not aware that a claim investigation will be conducted by the insurance company even though the claim was acknowledged. The investigation essentially happens in cases that involve occupational illnesses or chronic pain. Insurance companies clandestinely record the claimant assuming that his or her activities may disprove the disability claim.

Mistake #10

Claimants are not aware that insurance companies want them assigned to light-duty tasks once they are released for light-duty tasks. Insurance companies will attempt to assign them back to their original employer before hiring a vocational rehabilitation specialist professional to assign the claimant to light-duty tasks.

Workers’ compensation claims may be complicated and difficult to understand. Seek the advice of an experienced Kansas City Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer.

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Updated: August 23, 2019

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