Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims

Employers may establish a wellness program to help reduce workers’ compensation claims.

company-wellness-programThe health and well-being of employees may affect the frequency and amount of claims filed for workers’ compensation. Employees who are smokers, alcohol drinkers, or recreational drug users may have a higher tendency to become involved in a work-related injury. Kansas City Missouri workers’ compensation attorneys consider wellness programs a great tool to help in minimizing workers’ compensation expenses. Wellness programs encourage a healthy workforce, which also reduces the costs of health and accident insurance.

Establishing a Wellness Program

Among the factors that need to be considered when setting up a wellness program are the equipment, gym, and the number and the requirements of employees who will go through the program. The schedule and venue for the program should also be discussed, particularly if there is a need for employees to travel to a gym. It will be necessary to announce a new wellness program that encourages a healthy lifestyle among employees.

The company may hire a fitness trainer to assist in the use of fitness equipment to prevent injuries during the program. Such injuries may be compensable since the employer is offering the program to the employees. Each enrolled employee should have a complete physical examination before beginning the program. A physical examination evaluates whether the employee is able to go through the program. A doctor and the employee should work together to create goals based on the results of a physical examination.

Choosing a Location for the Wellness Program

The program can be offered as an employee benefit. Decide the venue of the program based on the size of the company and its proximity to local gyms. Larger companies may set up an on-site gym instead of sending employees to a local gym and paying for membership fees.  Although accessibility is essential to encourage employee participation, it should not affect the work of the employees. Off-duty programs may make it necessary to offer incentives to encourage participation among the employees.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Wellness Program

The effectiveness of the program can be evaluated by calculating the medical expenses from employee and workers’ compensation benefits. The effectiveness may also be seen through an increase in employee motivation levels, better alertness at work, and a reduction in absenteeism. Kansas City Missouri workers’ compensation lawyers also suggest that the benefits of the program can be measured by comparing workers’ compensation claims before and after the program was established.

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