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What Does Overexertion Mean & Is It Covered By Workers Compensation?

Overexertion is one of the most common causes of injuries in American workplaces. However, here’s why it can be challenging to get workers’ comp for it.

Workplace environments can often be extremely competitive, motivating workers to do their best to exceed expectations and improve their performance. While this is generally a good thing, it can often lead to overexertion.

Overexertion involves pushing yourself both physically and mentally beyond your current abilities, and it’s one of the most common causes of injuries in American workplaces.

injured missouri worker who overexerted himself

While it is considered a medical issue, it is not always easy to get workers’ compensation for overexertion.

What Are the Symptoms of Overexertion?

Since overexertion involves pushing yourself to great extents, it can result in a variety of both physical and mental symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Sprains 
  • Repetitive stress injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • A weakened immune system, etc.

Is It Covered by Missouri Worker’s Comp?

Missouri’s worker’s comp generally covers all injuries and illnesses that occur at your workplace or as a result of your work as long as you are considered on the clock and acting in the scope of your workplace activity.

A lot of time, overexertion is not a medical condition itself, but it can lead to serious injuries. For instance, a common result of overexertion is fatigue, which can greatly affect your work performance.

People experiencing fatigue are often more likely to make mistakes and experience physical injuries, as they find it difficult to concentrate on even mundane tasks. A person in a warehouse experiencing fatigue could lift a heavy box incorrectly and hurt their back even if they know how to lift heavy objects safely. Because they were experiencing fatigue, their body could not withstand this activity.

In any case, you should receive compensation for the condition caused by overexertion. If the injury even took place in your place of employment, you likely will not experience any bumps in the claims process.

However, overextension caused by your work activity could result in injuries sustained in your personal life. In this case, your claim becomes more complicated.

For example, if you push your body at work, experience fatigue but you injure your back while at home, the connection between your job and injury isn’t so clear. Technically, your work activity may be the cause of the injury, as it weakens your body tremendously, leading to the back injury at home. However, you will need to prove your work activity is utimately the cause of your injury. This can be difficult.

Speak With an Experienced Worers Compensation Lawyer

Worker’s compensation is a complex program, and the smallest details in your claim can change the outcome, as well as the benefits you receive.

It is highly recommended that you speak with an experienced Kansas City Workers Compensation Lawyer after being injured on the job. An experienced attorney can help you understand your legal rights and what benefits you may be entitled to.

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Updated: May 26, 2021

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