The Dangers of Overexertion – Prevent Workplace Injuries

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Giving your best at work is an admirable thing, and pursuing professional ambitions is something we often prioritize. But, there’s a thin line between giving your best and overexertion. Even when you have an office job, overexertion can lead to injuries and health conditions that will affect both your productivity and financial situation in the long run.

Here are some of the most common types of overexertion injuries and what you can do to prevent them.

Overexertion Injuries

Whether they are trying to get a promotion, the job they have is too challenging, or they are just worried about their financial situation and want to get a bonus, a lot of workers push the limits physically or psychologically.

Don’t assume that only physical labor can lead to overexertion. Mental activities can also affect your body in various ways.

Here are the main three types of workplace injuries caused by working too hard::

  • Too much effort put into an outside force (moving heavy objects, handling heavy equipment, etc.)
  • Too much effort put into your body movement (repetitive moves, incorrect postures, bending, standing or sitting for too long, etc.)
  • Too much effort put into mental activities (working long hours, missing sleep, not taking breaks, not being sufficiently hydrated or fed, etc.)

Injuries that can be caused by overexertion are varied:

Preventing Workplace Injuries Related to Overexertion

Overexertion injuries can only be prevented by following work safety rules. Some of them include:

  • Maintaining a good posture
  • Avoiding working long hours
  • Making sure you get enough hydration and nutrition throughout the day
  • Following the correct procedures while you work
  • Having an ergonomic workstation (seat, desk, computer screen, keyboard, etc.)
  • Taking regular breaks to stretch, rest and clear your head
  • Responding to any symptoms that can indicate you’re overworking

Getting Workers Compensation for Overexertion Injuries

Don’t ignore the symptoms of overexertion. Even if you think it’s something you can brush off with a bit of rest, the condition may worsen if you don’t take care of yourself.

If you do get an overexertion injury, then it’s important to report it to your employer and see a doctor as soon as possible. In most cases, you will need medical leave to get a chance to recover.

Get in touch with a Missouri work injury attorney too and let them help you file for compensation. The law says that if your injuries or illness are related to your job, then your expenses should be covered by the insurance company. That involves medical investigations, medication, lost wages, and so on. However, it’s not always easy to prove the direct causality between your work and your injuries, so a lawyer can help you build your case.

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Updated: February 25, 2020

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