How to Receive Workers’ Compensation for Back, Neck, and Head Injuries

Get workers’ compensation for back, neck, or head injuries received at work.

Shared Resilience 2012The worst thing about back, neck, and head injuries is that if they do not heal properly, they can lead to serious long-term complications. The problem is worsened when the injured worker is put on the same job after recovery, and the worker starts experiencing the same problems again. It is important that injuries of the back, neck, and head are treated well, and that you seek workers’ compensation from your employer.

An experienced Kansas City Missouri workers’ compensation attorney can evaluate your case and help get the maximum possible compensation for the injuries. Here is some insight into the back, neck, and head injuries and the kind of compensation you can expect for such injuries.

Back Injuries

Occupational hazards such as slips and falls, lifting, and twisting can cause an injury to the lower back or lumbar spine. Back injuries may have serious implications including paralysis and even death. In many cases, the insurance company or employer will argue that the injury is degenerative or arthritic and not a result of a workplace accident or repetitive motion.

In such cases, help from an experienced Kansas City Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer will be invaluable. If the insurer has refused to give you the rightful compensation for your permanent or partial disability based on their doctor’s ratings, your lawyer will get an independent medical exam done, and the physician would give a written report of the injury and disposition.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are often associated with repetitive trauma, rotator cuff injuries, slips and falls, lifting, and motor vehicle accidents. A mid back, low back, or neck injury can have life-changing implications for a worker. The cervical spine or neck can easily get injured at a workplace, and the resulting pain and discomfort are caused by damage to the disc and surrounding nerves.

Head Injuries

Head or brain injuries are the most serious types of injuries as they may lead to permanent disability and even death. In cases of serious head and neck injuries, the worker may also develop some psychiatric problems. Quite often, the worker who has suffered a serious and disabling neck or head injury suffers from depression. If the impact of the head or neck injuries were so severe as to cause a psychiatric problem, the worker may qualify for a psychiatric claim.

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Updated: June 14, 2019

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