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How to Receive a Fair Settlement for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you are having difficulty settling your workers’ compensation claim, have a Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney help you receive the fair compensation you deserve.

Receive a fair workers' compensation settlement.
Receive a fair workers’ compensation settlement.

There are a number of different ways a Kansas City workers’ compensation claim can be handled. The best-case scenario is that your injury is not severe, the paperwork is submitted properly, and the insurance company for your employer pays for the medical costs and time off from work. Unfortunately, this is a rare circumstance. With the rising cost of insurance premiums, employers are looking for ways to avoid having to pay for claims.

Are You Permanently Disabled?

In the event that you have been found to be permanently disabled from a work-related injury, the workers’ compensation insurance may be responsible to continue paying you a percentage of your salary. In some instances, a Kansas City workers’ compensation lawyer can help you to negotiate a one-time payment instead of a series of payments made over a period of years. You will want an attorney to help you with these negotiations, as they will be able to assess the extent of your injury and know what that injury is worth in terms of dollars.

Take for instance a Kansas City employee who tore her rotator cuff in an accident at work. The employer’s insurance company offered her a settlement, which she felt may have been too low. After consulting with a Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney, they were able to turn that initial low offer into one that would help to cover her future medical expenses.

Should You Accept a Lump-Sum Payment?

There are several advantages to accepting a lump-sum payment versus allowing your claim to be heard at a hearing. For one, you risk receiving less compensation from the hearing if the judge sides with your employer. You also may not have to wait for a hearing to be scheduled. You may receive the settlement within days of accepting the offer.

The disadvantage is that the claim is considered to be closed once you accept the settlement. That means that if future medical conditions arise as a result of the injury, you may not be able to receive compensation for medical care. A Kansas City workers’ compensation lawyer will help you assess the risk of that occurring and try to have that included as part of your settlement.

Do You Understand All Your Options?

The choice of whether or not to settle your workers’ compensation claim is entirely personal and should not be taken lightly. Be sure that you understand all of your options and be clear with your attorney on what your expectations are.

It is never a good idea for a person to take on an insurance company without the help of an experienced Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney. These are million-dollar companies who do not have your best interest in mind. Before you make the decision to file an appeal or accept an offer, consult with The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann at (816) 399-3706.

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Updated: August 23, 2019

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