How Worker’s Comp Benefits Are Calculated

If you’ve experienced a work injury and need to take some time off to recover, per worker’s comp laws you not only have your medical cost covered, but you’re also entitled to partial lost wages.

These payments will generally be sent on a weekly basis for as long as you are on rest, but in some cases, the insurance company may not take the time to explain how much you should be getting. As a result, you may have no way of knowing if the payment has been calculated correctly or not.

How Benefits Are Calculated

To understand if your workers’ comp payment is correct, you first need to understand how Missouri’s worker’s comp benefits are calculated.

When you cannot work while receiving medical treatment, or can only work with some restrictions that can still affect your wage, the law says you are generally entitled to temporary disability benefits to cover a portion of your lost wages.

If you’re completely unable to work, you are entitled to two-thirds of your average weekly wage. If you can work on modified duty, then you are entitled to two-thirds of the difference between your average wage pre-injury, and what you are earning now.

These are rates for partial disability, meaning they will be paid until you get better and can return to work completely, or until you reach maximum medical improvement. If the injury leaves long-term effects, then you may receive temporary disability benefits, which are calculated the same as temporary disability benefits.

What Can You Do If There’s a Mistake?

It’s important to calculate how much you should be receiving per week. One clerical mistake can mean you are getting less than you deserve, which can put a strain on your finances since you’re already not earning your full salary.

When calculating lost wages, you don’t need to add medical costs. These expenses are generally covered by the insurance company, and your doctor will forward your bills directly to them.

If you suspect there is a mistake with your weekly lost wages, it’s important to first discuss it with an experienced Kansas City worker’s comp attorney. They have enough experience in the business to know how much you should be getting, and even what could have happened to produce the mistake. Additionally, they can help you deal with the insurance company to make sure your payments are corrected.

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