Work-Related Leg and Foot Injuries

Work-related accidents are a major cause of injuries to the leg and foot.

The nature and severity of the injury generally depend on the type of workplace and the risks involved in a particular job. For example, people employed in construction and warehouse industries have a greater risk of getting injured on the leg or foot due to the hazardous nature of the work.

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Types of Leg and Foot Injuries

Fractures: Fractures of the bones of the leg, knee, and foot are common workplace injuries. These injuries are generally caused by falling from height or objects falling on the limbs. Simple fractures can be treated with a minor cast or crutches, whereas, severe injuries may require complicated surgeries and extended physical therapy.

Knee tendonitis: This is a condition wherein the tendons surrounding the knee joint become swollen and start causing excruciating pain. This condition affects those individuals who have been performing tasks like walking or standing or lifting heavy weights for prolonged periods at a stretch without adequate breaks. Older people are at a greater risk of knee tendonitis.

Knee bursitis: This is a condition where the sack of fluid that provides a cushioning effect in the knee joints swells up causing excruciating pain, swelling, and reduced mobility.

Loss of a limb: This is an extremely serious condition and amputation of a limb has a devastating effect on a person’s life and quality of work. An amputation case can be very complicated because it not only causes immense physical and mental trauma, but the person also has to undergo retraining, prosthetic replacement and home modifications to suit the newer requirements.

Effects of Leg and Foot Injuries

Injuries to the limbs, especially leg and foot injuries, are most difficult to overcome as they affect a person’s mobility and ability to work. Crutches and wheelchairs severely restrict a person’s mobility to carry out household chores and day to day activities at work. Leg and foot injuries make it extremely difficult for a person to return to their previous employment. Individuals who perform manual labor tasks rely completely on their legs and feet to earn their living. The other problem that arises out of these injuries is that most workplaces are not equipped for individuals with restricted mobility; hence, it becomes very difficult for them to return to work.

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Updated: July 29, 2019

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