Workers’ Compensation: Are There Any Alternatives?

There are instances when injured workers are in dire need of money while waiting for the approval of their workers’ compensation claim.

Kansas City Missouri Workers Compensation LawyerSome options are available for the injured employees to deal with the daily expenses if they are not yet ready to report back to work.

Social Security Disability

Information about the eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits can be obtained from the local social security office. Numerous factors are considered before this benefit is released, including age, medical condition, employment experience, education, and skills. Injured workers also need to prove that their medical condition prevents them from returning to work or carry out any other work-related tasks.

When injured workers collect social security benefits, it will affect the amount collected from a workers’ compensation claim since the combined amount received through the workers’ compensation claim and social security benefits are limited to 80 percent of the average earnings before the accident. Civil security disability benefits, state or local government retirement benefits, and state temporary disability benefits also affect the collection or limit social security disability benefits.

Unemployment Compensation

The local unemployment office determines whether injured workers are eligible for unemployment benefits while waiting for the approval of their workers’ compensation claim. The eligibility of injured workers is determined by federal and state laws. These laws also determine the amount and period for which the benefits can be collected. However, to receive unemployment benefits, injured workers should declare that they are capable of performing certain types of work and they are already looking for another source of income.

Medical Insurance

The injured worker can recover the medical expenses from medical insurance. This is important since medical expenses can easily drain the finances of injured workers.

Short-term or Long-term Disability Insurance

Despite the limited financial remuneration provided by disability coverage, it is still beneficial for injured workers waiting for the approval of their workers’ compensation claim. The release of the coverage normally takes between 30 days and six months.

Mortgage or Credit Insurance

Normally, mortgage or credit companies require you to pay for “tragedy insurance”. There are some contracts under which temporary or permanent disability is also covered. If your condition is covered under this insurance, your mortgage and credit card payments will be taken care till you return to work.

Filing a Lawsuit Against Individuals Responsible for the Injury

Injured workers may file a claim against the individuals that caused the injury. The claim may be filed against the manufacturer of the defective equipment, medical professionals, or other individuals liable for the injury. To receive compensation from third parties that caused injury, the worker should consult an experienced Kansas City Missouri workers compensation lawyer to facilitate the filing of the claim.

Kansas City Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Although these options may not be enough to cover all the expenses of the injured worker, it will still help his or her financial situation while he/she is waiting for the workers’ compensation claim to be approved.

An experienced Kansas City Missouri workers compensation attorney can not only help speedy recovery of benefits, but he can also educate you on other available options for the time period that you are awaiting workers compensation benefits.

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Updated: August 23, 2019

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