Missouri Workers Compensation for Lower Back Pain

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Low back pain is so normal that we’ve become accustomed to living with this ache. Studies estimate that 80% of the population will suffer from low back pain at a point in their life. It’s one of the most common workplace injuries and the main reason people miss workdays.

But, let us break down the numbers for a bit.

Low back injuries are costing the US economy $100 billion. At a person level, you may think that popping a few pills can be enough to solve the problem, but that’s often not the case. In 90% of the cases, the problem is solved within six weeks, but about 80% of employees will experience the problems again in a couple of years. And, those who suffer from low back pain injuries pay, on average, $2,500 per year on treatment.

It may not seem like much at first, but as you can see, the costs of lower back pain can quickly add up. And, if your job is causing or contributing to your pain, then it would be wise to file a claim with the help of a Missouri workers compensation attorney.

Work Injuries and Back Pain

Most back injuries in the workplace are a result of heavy lifting, pushing, overextension, prolonged sitting or improper posture. For example, there are no regulations for lifting requirements and it’s up to the employer to create a set of guidelines to protect its workers. While the National Institute for Occupational Safety created a handbook to help employers create a safe environment, these are just suggestions. Often, employees themselves don’t follow these guidelines and tend to overexert themselves often because of the pressure to meet a certain quota.

Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Treatment for lower back pain can range from mild (such as taking pain killers, applying warm and hot compresses, etc.) to complicated surgery that may affect your ability to work. You may also have to receive physical therapy, chiropractic care, and other types of therapies that allow you to live a normal and pain-free life.

If the pain is accurate, then your doctor may recommend narcotic painkillers, such as Vicodin. However, this type of medication can be a double-edged sword: while they provide the pain relief you need, the side effects can affect other aspects of your life. They can also create addiction and cause more problems than fixing.

Workers Compensation for Low Back Pain

Don’t ignore low back pain and don’t wait for it to go away with over the counter pills. Seek medical attention at the first signs of backache and don’t wait to see if it will get better in a few days. Insurance adjusters are just waiting for an excuse to deny your claim.

If you have experienced a work injury or work-related condition, it’s best to work with an experienced workers compensation attorney. They can take care of the legs matters for you and ensure you get the compensation you are legally entitled to.

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Updated: March 16, 2020

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